Windsor man mauled by cougar

Windsor, ON – Justin Richards, age 27, of Windsor is recovering after a harrowing encounter with a cougar last Saturday night.   “She came out of nowhere.  I barely had time to react” Richards reported to gathered media “The city really has to do something to protect people”.

Richards’ ordeal began innocently enough last weekend when he was out for a drinks with some friends at a local tavern. “My friends left and I was finishing my beer that’s when she pounced”.   The cougar, later identified as Diane Bayliss, age 47 also of Windsor, approached Mr. Richards and that’s when the encounter turned ugly.

“Suddenly she was standing beside me, rubbing my back and offering to buy me a drink.   She said she was out celebrating her second divorce and was going to make it a memorable night.   I couldn’t get out of there.  She had had me cornered.   She said she was going to another bar to see a Nickelback tribute band and wanted me to come with her.  I’ve never been so scared in my life” Richards said.

The quick thinking victim managed to escape the predator by going to the men’s room and then sneaking out the door when the cougar was distracted by an incoming text message on her phone but says he has learned a lesson “They seem to only go after the single, stray or injured. It is best to stay in a large group.  If you fall behind the herd that’s when the cougars pounce”.