Customer immediately regrets ordering salad instead of fries

Windsor, ON – Sitting down to eat at his local tavern Adam Borden, age 46, of Windsor thought he was making the smart choice when asked what side he would like with his burger and ordered the salad.   Almost immediately Mr. Borden experienced feelings of angst and regret.  “I really wanted the fries but I was out on a first date and thought I’d better get the salad so my date would think I eat healthy”.

Borden said he became preoccupied after his ill-fated decision “I couldn’t stop looking at other people’s meals coming out of the kitchen. Every time the server came out carrying an order I wanted to see if they had fries or salad. Some people’s orders even had fries with gravy.  I was dying for some fries!”

When asked for an assessment on how the first date went Mr. Borden’s companion reported disappointment with the evening “He kept staring at the waitress the whole night. I think he has a crush on her or something.  He looked at her more than he looked at me”.