Caravan headed north towards U.S. border

Windsor, ON – A 1986 Dodge Caravan was spotted this week apparently headed from Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, Michigan.   This marks the first time a Caravan was reported attempting to cross the border in 2019.  The driver advises that he was just going to a Detroit Red Wings game but suspicions remain.

“How do we know that Caravan isn’t the first of many trying to get into our country?” a concerned U.S. citizen asked when told of the Caravan’s arrival at the border on Thursday. “It begins with a 1986 Caravan and the next thing you know we’ve got 1978 Plymouth Volares trying to cross the border”.

As of press time the Caravan was being allowed into the United States but a more pressing question was raised by several U.S. residents “What do you mean Windsor is south of Detroit?”