Inmate upset about daylight savings time “falling back” one hour

Windsor, ON – Recently sentenced to two weeks in jail for several unpaid parking tickets local inmate Jeremy Douglas was upset to learn that he will be spending an extra hour in jail this weekend ahead of his release on Monday.

“Just my luck. I somehow managed getting twenty-one parking tickets in the last year and just forgot to pay them and then when I am about to get out of jail it’s the end of day-light savings time and the clocks go back an hour.  So I’m actually serving extra time.” Douglas explained on Friday morning.

“Falling back? Do farmers even need this any more?  I never see any farmers in jail.  They seem to be too busy planting crops and being productive citizens.  Well what about people like me?  I have rights too you know and I’d like to opt-out of day-light savings time” Douglass said.    In addition to wanting to opt-out of day-light savings Mr. Douglas would also like the city to be more flexible about vehicles that may be illegally parked in handicap spaces or tow-away zones.