Most recent poll shows three-way tie in mayoral race

Windsor, ON – After a recent poll taken in the Walkerville area Whats Up Windsor can report a virtual dead-heat in this year’s mayoral race.   Five people having after-work-beverages the Walkerville Tavern last Friday participated in this poll and were asked which candidate was their preference in the mayoral race.

One person said Drew Dilkens would get his vote citing his experience “I think he’s done an okay job the last few years”. Another said his pick would have to be Matt Marchand with the thinking “Maybe it is time for some new ideas”.  A third respondent plans on voting for Ernie the Bacon Man “I like bacon” he added.

No one else attending the Friday Meeting had an opinion or could remember the names of the other two guys running for mayor and as a result the poll ended in a three-way-tie.   This poll has a plus/minus error of margin of forty percent.