Top Ten campaign promises for Windsor politicians

Windsor, ON – With the campaign season heating up for the upcoming municipal election What’s Up Windsor has compiled the Top Ten campaign promises that local politicians can make when out on the campaign trail.  Counting down from ten to one here’s the list of Windsor campaign promises.

10. Christmas lights in Jackson Park year round

9. To avoid conflicts I promise not to sue the city until I am out of office

8. All council meetings will begin with a playing of the national anthem as sung by Platinum Blonde

7. More parking in downtown Windsor

6. Less parking in downtown Windsor

5. Supplementary budget allocations will be doubled by playing one hand of blackjack at Casino Windsor

4. City of Windsor Twitter account will only contain spoilers for upcoming episodes of Game of Thrones

3. Jeff Burrow’s hair will be declared a Windsor Heritage site

2. As part of new health initiative the Bacon Man will be asked to change name to Carrot Man

1. More jobs, fix infrastructure, lower taxes… repeat in four years