Exercise bike completes transformation into storage unit

Windsor, ON – After an almost two year process a local exercise bicycle has finally completed its transformation and become a storage unit.  “It wasn’t easy” said the bicycle “I had to work at it to get the results I wanted”.

The bicycle reports being used regularly at one time by the family it was staying with “They rode me everyday for the first two or three months but it gradually slowed down.  Which was just as well as I was getting kind of beat up”.

The bicycle cleverly moved itself closed the laundry room where the plan to change over to a storage unit began “They started hanging clothes on me right out of the washing machine.   Next thing you know the ironing board was up against the pedals and from there I was home-free.  No more bike riding”.

Asked what was next the bicycle said he plans to relax and perhaps give some tips and advice to the other exercise equipement in the house “The treadmill is looking kind of tired to me and I think it could be a great television stand one day”.