Flat-Earth Society names Windsor as world’s flattest city

Windsor, ON – The annual Flat-Earth Society conference was held last week in Denver, Colorado and Windsor, Ontario was named the flattest city on the flat earth map.   The annual conference is held and attended by persons who believe the earth is flat and this year Windsor was recognized for its unique flatness.

Local flat-earther Walter Sorenson of Windsor commented “I’ve been pushing for Windsor to be recognized for its flatness for several years but in the past other attendees at the conference have brought up the fact that Windsor has Malden Hill and a few other supposedly non-flat spots but this year I was able to convince them that Malden Hill wasn’t real and had been photo-shopped into pictures by the government to make it look like Windsor wasn’t flat”.

Mr. Sorenson who took time off from his job installing satellite television receivers to attend the flat-earth conference believes the designation of being so flat will help attract tourists to Windsor “I’ve been all around the globe and more and more people are coming to the realization that the earth is flat. I was telling everyone I met at the conference that we are nowhere near the edge of the earth so there wasn’t any danger of falling off in they visited Windsor”.