Newly single man re-enters dating world with crate of egg-plants

Windsor, ON – Fresh onto the Windsor dating scene Benjamin Webb, age 56, has begun the task of finding a new girlfriend after a recent divorce following 25 years of marriage.  “Got married when I was 21 and but things haven’t been good for awhile so we split up.  Now I am out here again in the dating world” Webb explained to gathered media on Tuesday.

“I realize that I’m a bit behind the times but I overheard some younger people talking and as I understand it if you are interested in a girl now-a-days you should send her an egg-plant”  Mr. Webb said while moving a large crate of egg-plants from his home to his car.

“I’m going to drop these off with a note in the mail-boxes of some lady friends this afternoon and see if I hear back from them.   I really don’t get how all of this works but apparently I give them an egg-plant and if they send me back a peach and that’s how you know you’re interested in each other”.  Mr. Webb has purchased twelve egg-plants are part of his courtship endeavours “I can always head back to the grocery store and get some more if I strike-out with these ones”.