May-fly offended at being called a June-bug

Windsor, ON – A May-fly arrived in Windsor this week as part of his species annual convention in Essex County and was shocked when a passerby called him a June-bug. “Seriously it is 2018 people. 2018 and still you’ve a got a segment of society just throwing out names and labels without a thought of how it impacts an insect’s feelings” said Arthur the May-fly as he was stuck to a glass window on Ouellette Avenue on Friday morning.

Arthur went on to say “Every year my friends and I visit Windsor. We love the city and with the Casino strike over there are lots of bright lights to buzz around but all it takes is one person to call you a June-bug and it ruins your night.   We are May-flies and we’re proud of it.   Nothing against June-bugs if that’s your thing but to call a May-fly a June-bug is insulting.  Where does it stop?   Next thing you know you will be calling us July-fleas”.

When asked whether it was getting the month wrong or the word bug that bothered him more the May-fly replied “Look I get the confusion. We sometimes arrive in June not May.  But a June-bug is a beetle and we are flies.  And I don’t think the beetles like the word bug either.  We are all insects.  The term bug is insulting to all of us.  I would have hoped that by 2018 we’d stop using the b-word altogether”.