Placement of contradictory signs being investigated

Windsor, ON – Residents in South Windsor recently complained to the city officials that the “No Stopping” sign placed directly beside a “Stop” sign was causing confusion and traffic congestion in their neighbourhood. “People think they can’t stop then they have to stop but think they might get a ticket for stopping.  It is backing up traffic up and down the street.  The placement of these signs makes no sense” said local resident John Rahal.

When asked for an explanation of the oddly placed signs city councillor Frank Edwards said he would get to the bottom of the sign placement “There has to be a good reason for it.   The city just doesn’t do stupid things without a reason.   We always have a reason.   I’ll be putting forward a motion to city administration to have an in-depth study of No Stopping and Stop signs that are placed beside each other within the city limits.”

In a related story the city is still considering new “I’m with stupid” signs for selected use throughout the city.