Scottish man upset that he was not named Italian of the Year

Windsor, ON – As the controversy continues around the Caboto Club in Windsor not allowing women to be voting members another contentious issue has arisen.  “Apparently you have to be Italian to be given the Italian of the Year award?” questioned local Scottish man, Angus Grey “this seems very discriminatory to me”.

When news was announced that this year’s recipient of the Italian of the Year award, Dino Chiodo, would not be attending the Italian of the Year banquet Mr. Grey started to question why he was never nominated.  “Sure, I’m not Italian and I am originally from Glasgow but I like Italian food, cars and movies.  I can’t tell you how many deep-fried pizza slices I have eaten on the the way home from the pub. I think the nomination committee should have at least considered me”.

Now that this year’s recipient of the Italian of the Year award has been announced Mr. Grey claims he has moved on and won’t complain about it any more.  “The made their decision so I guess it is up to them.   Besides I have bigger things on my mind.  Voting begins soon on People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.  And I am dead sexy so at the very least I am hoping for a nomination”.