Pot hole planning on becoming a sink hole by end of March

Windsor, ON – A large pot hole on Riverside Drive East declared it’s intentions of becoming a sink hole by the end of March.  “I think it is time I moved up in the world.  I have been a pot hole for three seasons now and I think the time is right to move up to sink hole status” the pot hole announced on Wednesday.

“I hear there is another winter storm coming our way this week so I will still have early March to damage a few more tires before I move up to the big time” advised the pot hole to the gathered media at today’s press conference.

When asked what his plans were after becoming a sink hole the pot hole said he had his sights set on swallowing up an e-bike.  “There is a e-bike rider that drives by every day and he plays Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf on his e-bike radio.  I think I’d be doing the entire city a favour if he disappeared into a sink hole”.