Detroit meteor seeking asylum in Canada

Detroit, MI – The meteor that landed in the Detroit area Tuesday night has come forward to ask that it be allowed to enter Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Act.  “I honestly thought I was going to land in Leamington but somehow my GPS got me turned around and I landed in Clarkston, Michigan” the meteor said on Thursday.

“I’ve contacted the Intergalactic Consulate and they are helping me with the paperwork to apply for entry to Canada” the meteor added.  Hal Jordan, spokesperson from the Consulate said he couldn’t comment on the details of the meteor’s application for privacy reasons.

When asked why Canada is the preferred destination over the United States the meteor explained “I’m concerned about an eventual deportation from the United States given the current political climate and if Facebook memes are factually accurate Canada gives immigrants and refugees everything the minute you get in the country even if you’re a rock like me.   Besides I really don’t want to go back to Dagobah the humidity there is just awful”.