Extraordinarily long hair at urinal startles bar patrons

Windsor, ON – An exceptionally long pubic hair appeared at a local establishment’s men’s room urinal this past Saturday startling many customers and employees. “It wasn’t there when I started work” bartender, Kyle Banner reported “I would remember seeing something like that”.   Investigators estimate the hair was left sometime between 6:00pm and 9:00pm.

“There were some rumblings going around the bar in the early evening about this thing” said server, Casey Collins.   Eyewitnesses report that the pubic hair was approximately nine or ten centimetres long.  “It was tough to say the actual length but it was big.  It was really disturbing” Mr. Banner added.

At press time the list of culprits has been narrowed to a newly divorced single father of four, a man recently revived from a coma or Sasquatch. “There was this really hairy guy here on Saturday he could have very well been a Bigfoot.  He did order the fish and had an accent so maybe it was a Bigfoot who left the giant hair.  Or maybe it was just some guy who doesn’t manscape” Ms. Collins speculated. The investigation continues.