Drivers baffled by concept of left-turn lane

Windsor, ON – The intersection of Walker Road and Ottawa Street somehow  repeatedly confuses drivers in the Windsor area.   When headed north towards Wyandotte Street while traveling on Walker Road motorists encounter a left-turn lane to Ottawa Street but nearly 30% of drivers proceed straight even though they are in the turning lane.

“It is an amazing phenomenon” says Professor James Douglas who has studied the area for some time during his weekly trip to the LCBO store. “Somehow a large number of Windsor drivers hallucinate at that corner and think they are supposed to go straight and cut-off all vehicles in the right-hand lane”.

“I’m assuming it must be some sort of mass hallucination. Perhaps due to the alignment of the planets or the earth’s magnetic pull affecting this area that provides certain drivers with some kind of tunnel vision where they also lose their ability to read street signs and follow basic rules of the road” Professor Douglas theorized, adding “The only other possible answer is that some people are just dicks when they drive”.