Customer immediately regrets ordering salad instead of fries

Windsor, ON – Sitting down to eat at his local tavern Adam Borden, age 46, of Windsor thought he was making the smart choice when asked what side he would like with his burger and ordered the salad.   Almost immediately Mr. Borden experienced feelings of angst and regret.  “I really wanted the fries but I was out on a first date and thought I’d better get the salad so my date would think I eat healthy”. Continue reading

New study shows bacon is better than broccoli

Windsor, ON – In a surprising new study local experts have declared bacon to better than broccoli. “We spent at least two weeks researching this and did a blind taste test among several demographics.  Fourth, fifth and sixth graders were part of our study and bacon won out every time” announced science fair participant Kenny Tyson, age 11, of William G. Davis public school.
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City Councilman suggests Windsor should opt-out of future Cinnabon stores

Windsor, ON – Councilman Frank Edwards announced today that in his opinion Windsor should opt-out of having future Cinnabon stores in the downtown core. “There is the location at Devonshire Mall and four other Cinnabon stores within driving distance in the Detroit area.  I don’t feel there is a need for a Cinnabon store in downtown Windsor” Edwards said on Monday.
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